Supplemental Programs


Special programs and services offered at Edward Kemble. 

English Language Development 

Students identified for English Language instruction through the CELDT test receive instruction from CLAD certified teachers. Parents may participate on our English Language Advisory Committee. 

Resource Specialist 

The Resource Specialist works with students who need help to succeed academically in the classroom by addressing their individual learning needs. 

Special Day Class 

Students in grades 1-3 with more serious learning disabilities receive instruction in these self-contained classes. Students meet educational goals according to their Individualized Education Plan (IEP). They are assessed on an annual basis to determine progress toward meeting the goals. Staff for these classes includes a trained and certified Special Day Class teacher and an instructional assistant. Services to our students are provided throughout the year. 

Student Study Team 

The Student Study Team (SST) is one of the most powerful tools available for creating a positive learning environment for all students. The purpose of the SST is to identify areas in which a particular student is having difficulty, whether it be with learning or behavior. The team (parents and/or guardians, Principal, Classroom Teacher, RSP Teacher, District Program Specialist, and Resource Teacher) will establish a plan that will enable the student to be more successful in the class- room. The effects of this plan are monitored and reevaluated to determine its success or if further modifications are necessary. If changes are needed, a new plan is implemented, with reassessment, until an effective approach can be found. 

Saturday Academy

During the 2017-18 school year, Kemble staff members are providing additional instructional time to students through the Kemble Saturday Academy. This intervention program is for those students in kindergarten thru 3 grade who are experiencing difficulty meeting grade level standards in English Language Arts, Mathematics or both based on achievement and multiple assessment measures.

The program will take place on Saturdays only and begins on Saturday, January 21, and continues through Saturday, March 11, from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m


The primary functions of the school nurse are administering tests and serving as a member of the Student Study Team or IEP Team. 


Our speech and language specialist establishes remedial programs for students having moderate to severe problems in the language and speech areas. 


The primary functions of the school psychologist are administering tests and serving as a member of the Student Study Team (which includes the teacher, Principal and parents) regarding learning and/or behavior problems of students. The Psychologist works exclusively with Special Education students.