How to Register your Student


The ENROLLMENT CENTER  Location & Services:

The ENROLLMENT CENTER is located at 5601 47th Ave, Sacramento, CA 95824 (Next to the SERNA Center).  Services Include:  K-12 Enrollment, Intra-district & Inter-district Permits, Immunization Clinic (currently closed until further notice) Matriculation Orientation Center (MOC) for Language Assessment Process, Translations, English Language Learner Services.



Enrollment registration for your neighborhood school is currently available online. Online or drop-off, please make sure you submit all required documents to avoid delay. A technician will contact you in the order your application was received. Follow these steps and links: 





If you cannot enroll online:

SELF-SERVE LOBBY Monday through Friday; 8am-1pm at the Enrollment Center, 5601 47th Ave. You can pick-up and drop-off an application. There is a drop box to submit the application. Completed applications are picked up on Fridays to be processed. There is no face-to-face service available at this time. 

What You need to Know to Register Your Child:  

Please be advised that for the safety and security of all children, ONLY the parent(s), legal guardian(s) or educational rights holder(s) may enroll a child into our district.

1. Photo Identification-State Issued I.D. or other photo identification (Work Badge, Passport, Student I.D, Costco)

2. Address Verification-Name on I.D. must match name on bill issued within 30 days. Bring one (1) (Ed. Code 48204.1):

   a. Current Utility Bill – SMUD, PG&E or WATER  

   b. Current Mortgage Statement  

   c. Current Property Tax Bill

   d. Current Rental / Lease Agreement with landlord’s information and signature (If the     lease is older than one (1) year OR is a month-to-month contract, the current month’s rent receipt is required)

   e. Current Voter Registration. Voter Election Guides/Voting Ballots NOT Accepted

   f. Current Government Agency Letter on official letterhead  

   g. Current Employment Pay Stub

3. Proof of Birth –County issued Birth Certificate or Non-Expired Passport. When none of the foregoing is obtainable, the parent/guardian may provide any other appropriate means of proving the age of the child (Ed. Code 48002)

4. Immunization Record – Current for Each Child (California Health and Safety Code, Sections 120325-120375) T-Dap Booster shot is required for grades 7th-12th. Both name and date of birth must be on the immunization record.

5. Current Withdrawal Grades and Transcripts –Required for Grades 9th-12th

6. Individualized Education Plan (IEP) –Documentation for Receiving Special Education Services – (if applicable)

7. Guardianship/Custody Documents – (if applicable)    

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