The Super Six


Students are taught the importance of positive character and attitude in order to become academic scholars. All students are expected to display these traits at all times: 

1) Caring, Giving & Service 

  • To be compassionate, considerate, helpful and understanding of others 

2) Justice & Fairness 

  • To be open minded, unbiased, and equitable 

3) Leadership, Initiative & Teamwork 

  • To earn the respect of others 
  • To take the first step 
  • To work well with others 

4) Respect 

  • To show regard for self, others, property, and the environment 

5) Responsibility 

  • To be answerable 
  • To be accountable for one’s actions 

6) Trustworthiness 

  • To earn the confidence of others 
  • To be reliable and honest 

Win or lose? It’s how you choose…. Make great choices!