Our Mission


 Building Scholars with Positive Character 

Formando escolares con carácteres positivos 

Uniform and Dress Code
During a traditional school year.


Edward Kemble is a uniform school. The purpose of the uniform at Kemble is 1) to focus on school as a workplace for students 2) to prevent a focus on clothing label competition, 3) to prevent the wearing of inappropriate types of clothing, 4) to maintain a safe environment by visibly seeing who is a Kemble student and 5) to develop a sense of school spirit and unity. 


White, blue or Kemble Spirit tops, Navy blue bottoms, Jeans or khaki Bottoms 

The Super Six


Students are taught the importance of positive character and attitude in order to become academic scholars. All students are expected to display these traits at all times: 

Dolphin Pledge


The entire school recites this pledge on Mondays. 

I pledge today to do my best 
In reading math and all the rest 
I promise to obey the school rules 
In my class and in school 

I’ll respect myself and others too
I’ll be responsible in all I do I’m
here to learn all I can 
To try my best and be all I am!